Producción de El Futuro Se Va, en el departamento de San Marcos, en 2021

This is how we did it “The Future is Leaving”


The phenomenon of migration has been documented essentially from the perspective of migrant adults, or unaccompanied children and adolescents who have tried to migrate trying to find better life opportunities for their families.

The main question is: What happened to those children and adolescents who are left behind?

That is why we traveled to Malacatan, San Marcos, a community characterized with a high migration rate because of its location on the Mexico border. We could talk with great local leaders, their families and especially with the kids and adolescents to try to understand the impact of migration on their life. 

To produce this special documentary:

Developing this type of project requires time, money, and hard work. The participation of 9 people. We traveled 600 kilometers and we stayed for four days reporting from Malacatan and its surroundings. More than 28 people were interviewed and during two months we worked in the writing, text editing and translation to Mam (mayan language), and English, photography, video and sound edition.

Thanks to this we gained:

A main report explaining the impact of the migration of children and adolescents of Malacatan. 

Four reports telling the story of four families who have been affected in so many different ways by the migration in the area. 

A clear visualization of data deportation rate from 2019 to 2020. We share the link and anyone can download it. 

In five podcast episodes we narrate each of the journalistic pieces we make.

All the content is translated into the Mam language (the main Mayan language in San Marcos and the third most spoken in Guatemala) and in English.

Why we made it? Because communities deserve to read and listen to journalistic content in their own mother language.  This content can be distributed for free and thus be able to create an alliance with local media to reach more people. 

How can you help us to create more content like “The future is leaving”?

Share our content so that more people can see it.

You can write to us Your opinion is very important to us to improve our work.

We are working on a tool for our audience to help us to finance these investigations. In the meantime, if you want to make a contribution so that we can do more quality journalism, you can write to us  / WhatsApp 502 4188 6408.

The team:

General coordinator: Gabriel Woltke
Edition: Pía Flores, Javier Estrada and Gabriel Woltke
Reporter and writing: Kimberly López
Photography and video: Melissa Miranda
Design: Herbert Woltke
Logistic: José Rauda

Mam translation: Saq’bech Pérez
English translation: Rich Brown
English and Spanish locution : Mónica Oseida
Mam locution: Saq’bech Pérez
Audio production: Joaquín Baiza

Thanks to the support of:


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